3 weeks and counting!!

In light of the fact that we are leaving for Norway in 3 weeks, I thought it was about time we start blogging so you all can share in our journey.  We are all growing excited about the coming month and have been sharing emails back and forth about where we will be going and what we will be doing.  We found out we will be in 5 cities in southern Norway – Porsgrunn, Lyngdal, Nedenes, Sande & Westfold and Stokke.  Our contact in Porsgrunn shared that we will be staying in a hotel there because many people are on vacation for the May 17 Independence Day.  It looks very nice!  We will also be going to by boat to Jomfruland where there is a bird sanctuary. 

We have been preparing for the trip by studying our Norwegian (well, at least we can say hello, goodbye, yes, and no), reading up on the country and culture (Jodi recommends “In Cod We Trust”), and gathering the items we need to take with us (gifts for the families, electricity converters, passports, etc.). 

Our final meeting is this Saturday in Traverse City.  We learned that Beth Milligan will not be able to join us on the trip (so sad), but Anjanette Merriweather will be able to take her place (hooray!).  Our goal is to finalize our presentation, video, and travel details. 

I won’t speak for the others but I am both excited and nervous.  The trip will be an adventure of a lifetime but it will be a long time to be away from home and my husband!  Fortunately, I will have 5 other wonderful women to travel with who I am sure will look out for each other!

Ha det bra!

(Post by Tara Kram)


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