Final team meeting

It is really happening. The departure date for Norway is in sight. Assuming we get cooperation from an unruly Icelandic volcano, we will be leaving May 1st for a month in beautiful Norway. 

The final team meeting took place today in Traverse City. Photos were taken, presentations checked over, and a surprising amount of pins were exchanged. Many questions were asked and several of them were answered! Even if some of the details are fuzzy, the team is in good spirits and ready for an adventure. We will be there before we know it. 

In the meantime… 

I have a final paper to write and a semester to finish. Bills to pay. Things to take care of at work.  Not to mention a huge list of shopping to do and last-minute arrangements to make.  

Luckily, I have someone to help me pack.

(Post by Krista Menacher – 4/17/10)



  Pierleopteris wrote @

Who is that cat?

  Cindy Mom wrote @

Team member Krista posted that photo of her cat. At least I assume that’s who the cat is!

  Jocelyn wrote @

Mr. Brutus is going to miss you so much! I hope you (and the rest of the team too) have a great time!

  george wyatt wrote @

Mssr. Brutus looks as though he was not going to let you leave without him. I suspect his position is that you will owe him big time upon your return. Perhaps you should return to him with a token of your esteem. A Norwegian mouse, perchance?

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