Vocational Visits (and Vacancies)

One aspect of the GSE program I’m really looking forward to is the chance to have vocational visits with people who do conservation work in Norway.  I received an email on Sunday from my host family in Sande, Arne & Renveig Ellevog.  They said, “On Tuesday May 4th we have organized meetings for you with DNT, SABIMA and probably also with WWF. All are in Oslo.”  This is great news for me, since not only will I get to spend a second day in Oslo, I’ll also get to meet folks who work for Den Norske Turistforening (Norwegian Trekking Association), the Samarbeidsrådet for Biologisk Mangfold (Cooperation Council for Biological Diversity), and the World Wildlife Fund.  It’s great that I’ll meet these conservation professionals at the beginning of the trip, since they’ll give me an introduction to Norwegian ecology, habitats, wildlife, ecotourism, and conservation management challenges right away.  This will help me to better interpret what I’m seeing and learn more about the countryside while we travel around.  Can’t wait!
In the meantime, work here at home (at Little Traverse Conservancy) has shifted into high gear, as it does every spring.  Before I leave for Norway, I have to clear brush, design and flag several sections of trails, plan a major Earth Day volunteer event for Saturday the 24th, do a couple aerial monitoring flights to check on our remote properties, and get a newsletter and a 150-piece mailing out to our volunteers.  I’m so glad my co-workers are letting me leave at this time of year, and are willing to take up the slack in my absence.  I’ll have to bring something extra special back from Norway for them… Lutefisk?  Akvevit? Eyjafjallajökull dust?  
(Post by Cindy Mom – April 19)


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