Our Norwegian Hosts-To-Be

Bits of information and photos have been trickling in from Norway over the last couple of months.  The shape of our trip has been gradually illuminated by these messages from our hosts-to-be.  It will be great fun to meet these people in person!
One of the places I will be staying (when we are in the Arendal/Nedenes area) is an island with a lighthouse: Store Torungen.  My host there, Knut Mørland, sent me this photo of the island.  Knut says, “I have been away to Germany to visit on of Europa’s lagest marine nationale parks, the “Vattenland”. We are planning the same outside my Lighthouse. I will tell you more when you arrive. When I was away, the cat has got 3 kittens, and the Mother sheep has got the first lamb of the season. Birds are nesting and the “Grey Goose” has laid eggs. You will be in Arendal area from the 18th. – the 21th. Of May. I hope you will enjoy staying out on the lighthouse with me for that time. It takes less than 10 min. by speedboat to reach Arendal. We will within the program have time to visit some of the areas that you have pointed out earlier.”
(Post by Cindy Mom)

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  kristualla wrote @

Cindy – Knut has offered to host me at the lighthouse overnight when I visit Arendal in July, 2011. I think I will accept. I assume this was a positive experience for you? He isn’t a serial killer or anything like that? 🙂

(When a woman travels alone, she must be careful!)

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