Suitcase Capitulation

Resistance was futile.  This morning, I finally gave in and up-sized my suitcase.  (Team, you were right.)  If this was a regular vacation/travel trip, if it was going to be “just me,” the 21″ expando-case would have worked.  But a Group Study Exchange is not a regular travel experience.  In addition to the usual raingear, sandals, swimsuit, wool hat, winter coat, binoculars, bird book, and water bottle, there’s a bunch of GSE-specific stuff to pack. Wool uniform jacket, white shirts, and grey pants. Business cards and team brochures. District 6290 pins to exchange. Banners from the Petoskey Club, to be given to clubs in Norway. Our team gifts for our host families. And (why didn’t I think of lighter, less bulky optional gifts?) Petoskey stones, twenty Michigan postcards to use as thank you notes, three pounds of dried cherries, and two pounds of maple candy.  So, I traded in the 21″ suitcase for a 25″ one.  I think those extra four inches will do the trick!
Still haven’t decided about whether I should bring my ukulele…
Post by Cindy Mom, 4/26/10

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  Deborah wrote @

Always bring the ukelele. Unless perchance you can play a more compact instrument such as the harmonica?

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