Miss you

The consequence of being interwoven into the fabric of a place is that it can be hard to extricate yourself from it when the time comes.  Along with the excitement, anticipation, and delight about traveling to Norway, there’s also an underlying bittersweet quality to departure — just a minor note, but still there.  Of course, it’s difficult to leave loved ones, pets, gardens, and projects-in-progess.  But for me it’s also hard simply to leave this time and place.  Northern Michigan, home, is beautiful all year long, but the month of May is somethin’ else.  I’ve been breathing deeply these days, trying to saturate every cell with that incredibly fresh breeze coming in off Little Traverse Bay.  The clarity of the air, and the sense that everything is just about to burst into lush springtime, is profound.  The maple leaves are the size of squirrel’s ears.  The tulips in my backyard haven’t opened yet.  The chickadees and cardinals are still staking out their territories.  When we get back, it will be full-on summertime.  We’ll have missed that transition.
So, see you in 2011:
Spring peepers and American toads
Chimney Swifts’ arrival
morel mushrooms
wild asparagus
cherry blossoms
spring paddling on the Carp or the Pigeon
warbler migration
planting spinach and peas, beans and lettuce
Mother’s Day
(Post by Cindy Mom)


  Carole Hawkins wrote @

I loved your post. You really have a knack for writing and creating beautiful images with your words. I know what you mean about Northern Michigan. It’s one of my favorite places too. There’s no place like Michigan!

Carole Hawkins (mom of Tara Kram)
Vero Beach, FL

  Deborah wrote @

Oh, I always hate missing the trillium! (Trillia?) And I’ve been in the lovely northwest (where we have already had ducklings for weeks and the trillium are long past) for a decade and a half and I still pine for spring in southern Indiana, sudden and swift as it is. Some people seem to really attach to *home*.

Perhaps you’ll catch some wonderful Norwegian spring flowers.

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