We’ve arrived!!

After several plane rides, little sleep, and many hours of patience we made it to Sande.  Hopefully part two of the team arrived as well.  Krista and I are staying with Jan Torbjorn, Inger and their dog Candy.  They have a very nice home in Sande with a beautiful view of the countryside/mountains that we are enjoying as we write this post.  We ate delicious delicious cake (named after Sarah Bernhardt), took showers, slept, met some turtles, shared photos and approved a delicious dinner on the grill of sausage, salmon, pork, and potatoes. 

We also had some adventures while we were in transit.

Within moments of sitting down in the Chicago airport we were making contact with other Rotarians. I noticed the gentlemen sitting across from us had the Rotary symbol on all their bags. Soon they noticed our Rotary patches and we were exchanging business cards and swapping stories. They were in Chicago for a International Rotary Conferance. They were very happy to meet a team leaving for the GSE exchange and were impressed with our all-female team from an International district! A special Norwegian hello to Dr. Peter Iblher (District 1880 – Germany), Jeno Lakatos (District 1911 – Hungary), and Richard R. Long (District 1270 – Lincoln, England). We also met Jack A. Cole in the Amsterdam airport, who has spoken to over 200 different Rotary Clubs around the world about his organization Law Enforgement Against Prohibition.

Time for dinner!

(Post by Tara and Krista)


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