Six-legged journey

Diane, Jody, and Cindy also made it to Sande today.  I’ve been awake now for approximately thirty-three hours, but wanted to post that we completed the first part of our trip very successfully. The three of us “northerners” had six legs to our trip:
1. Drive Petoskey/Wawa to the Soo.
2. Fly Soo to Toronto.
3. Fly Toronto to Frankfurt.
4. Fly Frankfurt to KØbenhavn.
5. Fly Copenhagen to Sandefjord.
6. Drive Sandefjord to Sande.

The trees have not quite leafed out yet here, and we saw a wee snowbank in the shady side of a woodlot.  Hvitveis “White Lace” (Anemone nemorosa) are blooming all along the roadsides and in the woods. Eric Gauslaa, President of the Sande Rotary Club, drove us to Sande and explained that the club raises money by selling firewood.  We saw the farm where the birch logs are delivered.  The club gets together and bucks up the wood into firewood lengths, and then split it, and package it into cubic meter pallets.  Eric said, “We will be paying for your trip to Oslo tomorrow with the money we earned selling the firewood.”

Time now for bed.
(Posted by Cindy Mom.)


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