Oslo adventures

(Post by Tara Kram for May 2, 2o10)

We had a very full day in Oslo touring the city with three of our Rotary hosts.  The day was phenomenal; we could not have asked for anything more.  Here is a run down of our tour:

  • Holmenkollen Park Hotel Rica – beautiful view of the city and ice sculpture in the hotel lobby. 
  • Ski-jump – it is in the process of being re-built and the first championship will be held there in 2011.  I’m pretty sure you have to be crazy to ski down this jump.  🙂  We enjoyed a ride in the ski-simulator.  We also toured the ski museum which showed the history of skiing in Norway.
  • Lunch at Frognersa Norwegian restaurant – historical building surrounded by 2400 kilometers of cross-country ski paths (no snow right now).  We all had delicious open-faced sandwiches. 
  • Visit to the Royal Palace to watch the changing of the guards.  Fortunately, we arrived just in time for the marching band practicing for the National Day on May 17.  Very impressive show of the band and the guards parading around the grounds in front of the Royal Palace.  No King sightings today. 
  • Tour of the City Hall.  Beautifully painted murals lined every wall and the building is built with Norwegian marble.  Barack Obama was at the City Hall for the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize. 
  • Viking Ship Museum – contains numerous viking ships that have been recovered from burial grounds (the vikings buried their dead in the ships with all the necessities they would need for the afterlife).  The Gokstad ship, the largest Norwegian viking ship, is located here.  Cindy was also taken on a special tour of the Polar Expedition Museum. 
  • Visit to the Opera House which opened in 2008 and is equivalent to the size of 4 international football fields (38,000 square meters)!  We also walked on the roof which gives a great view of the city. 
  • Walk in the park to the Monolith Plateau, a sculpture tour carved from one single granite block.  The park is lined with sculptures of people of all ages.  The same artists designed the entire park and its sculptures. 
  • Outstanding seafood dinner at an elegant restaurant on the water.  Some of our dinners were – Halibut, Char, and half of a lobster!  The food was the crown to a perfect day. 

Tuesday we all go to our vocational visits for professional development opportunities and then to the Sande Rotary Club in the evening. 

(Post by Tara Kram for May 2, 2o10)



  Carole Hawkins wrote @

Wow…………..what a full and wonderful day that was!! I bet everyone slept well that night, probably still not rested up from the long journey.

  Brady wrote @

Sounds like you packed a lot in to one day! Glad you are enjoying the sights!

  Gro Mikkelsen wrote @

It seams that you visit a lot of the “tourists-things” in Oslo. Next time you are welcome to me,- not so far away from the ski-jump. I’ll make you a cup of coffee!

  Michelle wrote @

You’ve got some great photos, I am wondering if I can have permission to use one of your photos in an article. We would like to play with the colour and put some filters on your image of the Royal Palace. Could you please email permission and I’ll email a pdf when the article goes to print. It will be used in Qatar Airways in-flight magazine.

  gsenorway wrote @

You are welcome to use the photos. Are you able to just download them from the blog or do you want me to email you originals?

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