Sandy Sande

(Post by Tara Kram)

We had a “tourist” day in Sande today, the city where we are staying.  We went for a hike by the water and had lunch on the beautiful sandy beach.  Our hosts treated us to a typical Norwegian snack, Kwick lunch, which is similar to a Kit-Kat bar.  Yum, I like Norwegian snacks! 


In the afternoon we visited several shops including an artists gallery where they make ceramics and hand printed pictures.  We toured a large greenhouse that produces roses and herbs.  We also had a nice drive up into the mountains to see the view of Sande from above.  There was still some snow on the ground there and we were only 15 minutes out of town.

Tonight we are taking a short boat ride to an island just off the coast of Sande.  We will hike there and then have dinner on the island.  Should be fun as long as we dress warm!  Yesterday it was snowing here and today it was sunny and in the 50’s.  Guess it is just like Michigan.  🙂

(Post by Tara Kram)


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