Busman’s Holiday

(Post by Cindy Mom)

No, this trip is not all just about sightseeing and touring….  we also have had inspiring encounters with our professional peers who are doing similar work here in Norway, and there’s still more to come. It was pretty amazing for me to be able to meet with people who are working on biodiversity, outdoor recreation, trails, off road vehicle issues, and natural areas preservation here in Norway.  Although there are some huge differences in a few ways, we also have much in common and can learn a lot from each other.  I’ve also enjoyed all our hikes around the coastal areas of Sande and Stokke. While others on the team may be looking at the scenery and soaking up the sunshine, I’m also “working” as I check out the Norwegian trail blazes, interpretive signs, boardwalks, invasive plants, maps, vehicle barricades, and direction markers.

(post by Cindy Mom)



  debrarian wrote @

I’m curious, what does the tilde-squiggle-thingy on the top wood sign mean?

  Cindy wrote @

I don’t really know! I’ll have to investigate that and report back.

  Lauren wrote @

Happy to hear that your trip is a delightful mix between work and play, birding and sightseeing, education and pure BLISS! Thanks for allowing us at home to share in your joy!

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