Birds of Vestfold, Østfold, and Stromstad

(Post by Cindy Mom)

I haven’t really had a chance to “go birding” yet, but have been taking my binoculars with me everywhere.  During our first day as a group, not only did I get my indivualized side trip to the Fram Museum (thanks, Jan Torbjørn!) I also was treated to a surprise stop at a bookstore on Karl Johans Gate (thanks everyone!) so I could buy a bird book in Norwegian.  Astrid Kolbekk, our host here in Stokke, has also lent me Fugler i Norge by Ragnar Frislid and Benny Ginsbøl, ISBN 82-03-22373-7.  Astrid’s book is the one I would recommend, if any of you birders out there want to come visit Norway.

I think I got most of the following species identified correctly (with some recent help by Terje Olav), but am really looking forward to meeting some professional Fugletitters who can answer all my questions and take me to their favorite birding spots. 

1. Trane Grus grus (Common Crane)

2. Knoppsvane Cygnus olor (Mute Swan – which Europe has shared with North America.)

3. Kanadagås  Branta canadensis  (Canada Goose – which North America has shared with Europe.)

4 Grågås Anser anser (Grey Goose — with goslings!)

5. Gravand Tadorna tadorna  Common Shelduck

6. Stokkand Anas platyrhynchos  Mallard

7. Ærfugl  Somateria molissima Common Eider

8. Kvinand  Bucephala clangula  Common Goldeneye

9. Siland Mergus serrator  Red-Breasted Merganser

10. Sivhauk  Circus aeroginosus Western Marsh Harrier  (not sure if I have this one correctly i.d.ed)

11. Storfugl Tetrao urogallus (BIG grouse!)

12. Sothøne Fulica atra Common Coot

13. Tjeld Haematopus ostralelgus Eurasian Oystercatcher

14. Hettemåke Larus ridibundus Hooded Gull

15. Fiskemåke  Larus canus Fish Gull

16. Gråmåke Larus argentatus Grey Gull

17. Sildemåke Larus fuscus (or this might have been Svartbak, the Black-back gull)

18. Makrellterne Sterna hirundo Common Tern

19. Bydue (klippedue) Columba livia Rock Pigeon

20. Linerle  Motacilla alba White Wagtail
21. Svarttrost Turdus merula Eurasian Blackbird

22. Spettmeis  Sitta europaea  Wood Nuthatch

23. Skjære Pica pica Black-Billed Magpie

24. Svartkråke Corvus corax Carrion Crow

25. Gråkråke Corvus corone Grey Crow

26. Gråspurv Passer domesticus House Sparrow

(Post by Cindy Mom)


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