My peeps

(Post by Tara Kram)

Cindy filled you in on our day yesterday in her last post.  At night, we went to Thomas and Astrid’s house where Cindy, Krista, and Anjanette are staying.  They have 3 young children that are “camping” in the basement while our group stays there.  We all went down to say goodnight to them and they were giggling away because they can’t understand us! 

We had a wonderful cheese and wine party with some of the goods purchased in Sweden.  Astrid and Thomas are generous hosts and Thomas taught us all about his love for port wine.  We laughed for hours sharing stories and teaching new english and norwegian words to one another.  Somehow we got onto the topic of the marshmallow peeps that you eat at Easter time and then we taught Thomas to call his friends “peeps.”  🙂  I am sure they will be thankful to have enhanced their english after we leave.  🙂  We are still trying to master one of our hosts names – Terje Olav.  We decided to nickname him Jack instead. 

We slept in this morning, had a nice breakfast, and are doing some laundry – clean clothes, hooray!  Today we are going on a boat ride.  3 will go on a sailboat ride and the other 3 of us on a speed boat.  We’ll have to dress warm. 

(Post by Tara Kram)


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