What a team!

(Post by Diane Marshall)

District 6290 will be extremely proud of their fine representatives on the GSE Norway team.  The five young female representatives from throughout our District are excellent ambassadors for Rotary, for their communities, and for their professions. They are most enthusiastic, extremely interested, very thoughtful, and  appreciative.  Within only one week, they have truly become a cohesive team.  They are considerate of each other, and are always seeking meaningful opportunities for their colleagues, plus they do a fine job of keeping care of their “seasoned” leader! As you have been reading only through Rotary could we be immersed in such marvellous and rich experiences.  Our hosts in Sande and Stokke have been outstanding.  They have truly opened their homes and hearts to these females from America!  We feel truly blessed.

(Post by Diane Marshall)


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  John Noling wrote @

Diane and Team, so nice to hear that things are going so well. I am intrigued by everyone’s thoughts and comments and pictures. This is the first blog I have ever followed.

We are preparing here in Muskegon for our much anticipated visit with the Norwegian team on May 20-24. Your comments remind me of how great this exchange program for Rotary is for world understanding. I look forward to all your posts. john

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