May 10 – special trip

(Post by Jody Houle)

This evening my hosts treated me to a special trip.  They told me that we would be visiting a place called Memory Hall, and we did that, but so much more as well. 

Memory Hall was the first stop along the way.  It is a huge monument built beside what used to be an old military base to honour the sailors who died in the first and second world war.  The military buildings were built in1670 in the little town of Stavern.  Memory Hall is very large and surrounded by a walkway with a beautiful view of the sea.

From there I had a very special treat.  Inger and Otto took me to Molan where the beach is full of cairns where Vikings were buried over a thousand years ago.  There were many of them all over the beach and up into the tree line as well.  Otto tells me that there is nothing left inside these mounds because of the amount of oxygen that the contents were exposed to.

Gokstad Haugan was very different.  It is where the largest of the ships that we saw in the Viking Museum in Oslo was discovered in 1880.  Because the ship was buried in clay, it had been well preserved.  I was able to stand on top of the mound where the ship was found and the bodies of Vikings are still buried.  While they removed the ship, the bodies were left in their resting place.

It was a wonderful night full of the wonderful history of this area.  With each new experience, I am still amazed at how well preserved the Norwegian history is and how knowledgeable the Norwegians are about their history. 

I am very thankful to my host family for this wonderful adventure!

(Post by Jody Houle)



  John Noling wrote @

Julia, very much enjoyed your account of this visit.

  John Noling wrote @

Sorry Jody, had Julia for some reason on my mind…. How do the Norwegians look back on World War II in particular? Are they still talking about it and reliving it in any way?

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