Ski Arena at Storås

(Post by Cindy Mom)

Our GSE Team had the honor of being able to visit the Ski Arena at Storås in Stokke today.  The Stokke Rotary Club put on a nice barbecue dinner for us tonight. We enjoyed our burgers and pølser (hot dogs) beside a big grill, and had a great view of the ski center down below. The Norwegian National Cross Country Skiing Championship was held here in January 2010. This was a final qualifying event for the 2010 Olympics, so all the famous ski athletes were here!  Organized by The Norwegian Cross Country Skiing Association and Stokke Sports Club, and directed by Stokke Rotary member Olav Aas, this facility was built almost solely through over 45,000 hours of volunteer power and donations of materials and labor by local businesses.  Even though the snow is gone, it was easy to imagine the stunning views of the fast-paced ski races, while we stood in the King’s Hut near the finish line, or looked down from the bird’s eye view at the Riddere Av Den Fulle Seidel Camp (“Knights of the Full Beer Mug Camp.”)
My plan for the winter of 2011 is to come back here and ski the trails, with a break now and then to eat Kvikk Lunsj and oranges.  And maybe tip back a Fulle Seidel or two afterwards.

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(Post by Cindy Mom)


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  Dr. Jane Millar wrote @

You are obviously having a wonderful time.

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