Vestfold University College

Post by Diane Marshall
Today I was most fortunate to meet with Anne Faegsrud, Vice Rector of Education, Vestfold University College. She is the vice principal of the Teaching Faculty.  The various levels of education include Kindergarten, which is the preschool level, involving children from age one up to six;  Primary School–Grades 1 to 7;  Junior High School–Grades 8 to 10;  Senior High School–Grades 11 to 13. Students complete high school at the age of 19.  Much like our schools there is a huge problem of drop-outs.
Within  their teacher training, which is integrated within their four year university program, the students will have 100 days of practice teaching.  They have discovered the tremendous need for teachers to be much more sensitive to the psychological needs of the students due to the increasing divorce rates and the children being shuffled between their parents and homes. Counselling and student support are now necessary ingredients within the school system.  Classroom management is also being strengthened, as all good educators are aware, if the students are fully engaged, their learning will be richer and more easily mastered. There is now greater pressure in teaching due to the National Standards, and the measurement of student growth.  Such expectations demand more thorough planning and preparation. However, it was felt that the students were receiving better programs, due to these initiatives.  I shared that we, too, experience state and provincial testing, and our reputations are often based upon the students’ results. It was reassuring to know that although in different countries, we experience very similar situations—except the age of retirement.  Teachers must work until the age of 67, in order to receive full pensions!  Wouldn’t our Federations have a great time here negotiating a new retirement age!
Post by Diane Marshall


  Hilde Gauslaa wrote @

Hi Diane,
Just a correction to what you wrote here: we (teachers in Norway) can retire at a full pension at 65. But we may work until the age of 70 – but who wants to do that?! We can retire at 62, but with a lower pension until 65, but still more than enough to survive well.
Hope you are feeling fine!
Best wishes from Hilde.

  Hilde Gauslaa wrote @

Hi Diane,
We don’t have to work until 67, we can retire with a full pension at 65, approximately 3/4 of a full pension from 62 – 65. We CAN work until 70, but who wants to do that?!
Hope you feel fine, enjoy the rest of your stay!
Best wishes from Hilde.

  Hilde Gauslaa wrote @

I couldn’t find the first comment, therefore I did it again. And then this comment to the comments, that makes 3!!!

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