Sometimes work is work!

Post by Krista Menacher

One of the most interesting aspects of the GSE program is the work exchange. Of course, I’m lucky – working in a museum means I get a double dose of museums both on our “work” days and on “tourist” days.

I’ve already lost count of all the museums I’ve been able to visit (luckily I’ve been keeping all the brochures.)

The past two days I’ve been doing work experience at museums in the Vestfold. Yesterday (Monday) I was at the Vestfold Fylkesmuseum (Westfold Folk Museum – where they took my work experience very seriously. I WORKED! The museum is being completely remodeled and they had a number of statues and busts in storage at the nearby City Hall that needed to be moved back to the museum. In my dress clothes (and a borrowed smock) I helped them transport multiple trailer loads of statues back to the museum.

This photo was taken after we had already removed a batch of busts.


And a job well done!

Today (Tuesday) I worked at the Hvalfanstmusett  (Whaling Museum in Sandefjord – where I was able to experience the Cadillac of museum shelving… the Bang and Olufsen High-Density Storage System!!!*

*non-museum people may just want to skip these photos – everyone else… they let me push the buttons, it was amazing!!!



  Jocelyn wrote @

Those shelves are awesome!

  Jan Torbjørn og Inger wrote @

Did you see the museum too, or just the store?

  Nancy Crandall wrote @

Great to read your news from Norway. We meet out guests from Norway on Friday and look forward to their visit.

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