My new name

So I am changing my name to Anjanette Kolbekk!  What a wonderful family!  We were greeted with such warm hearts and left with even fuller hearts!  It was very cute because Thomas and Astrid have three beautiful children, Arnt Iver, Helene and Karsten, however Arnt Iver is the only one that can understand English.  So when the kids were first told of our coming to stay with them, it was around the same time the volcano in Iceland decided to act up.  In some way or another, Karsten had associated our coming with the volcanoes and the day we were coming he came out yelling “The volcanoes are coming, the volcanoes are coming!” – or “vulkaner kommer” (correct me if I am wrong with the translation).  We all thought that was absolutely adorable!  Cindy bought a really cool childrens book in Fredrikstad  with three entries about volcanoes and Astrid helped us translate some text for us to give to the kids – something they can remember us by! 

We had delicious meals, including reindeer, which was my first time ever having it!  New favorite food!  We also had yummy cloud berries with sweet cream for dessert, along with so many other yummy foods.  Not to mention lots of wine, including port wine, which Thomas is a huge fan and very knowledgeable.  Cindy, Krista and I were very touched to have received a bottle of Tawny wine from Thomas!  I need to start a recipe book as there are many recipes I want from both Ranveig and Astrid.  It was such a lovely time in Stokke and I miss the family very much and have officially considered myself part of the fam (whether they know it or not).  I fell in love with the whole family – Karsten with his rosy, very pinch-able cheeks, Helene with her beautiful red hair, Arnt Iver and his adorable smile, and Thomas and Astrid’s and their amazing way of making us feel right at home!  I really admire how close they are as a family!! 

 The water works were in full swing once again when we had to leave.  But we were picked up by the hosts of Porsgrunn, have been set up in our own rooms at Hotell Vic (thanks and very much appreciated!), and were treated to a very nice dinner with Jan-Henrik and his wife Sue.  Tomorrow we take a boat taxi to Jomfruland.  We are SO lucky to be on the amazing, and life-changing trip!  Its getting harder and harder to leave as I have become extremely attached to each one of our incredible and fantastic hosts!!  Well, I better get some sleep!  God natt!

Reindeer good!!

Reindeer gone

Stokke family

Post by Anjanette



  Astrid Langeby Kolbekk wrote @

My Volcanos! What an experience you have been giving us by staying at our home! We have been enjoing long, good and very interesting conversations. And lots of laughs! Your rotary of Michigan can be very happy to have sendt us sutch adorable girls!

Thank you for an very interesting week!

Love, Astrid

  Thomas wrote @

And so nice of you to write so many nice things about us, Anjanette! But keep on to your fantastic last name! It has such a happy and positive sound. Love it. Thomas

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