If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you

Post by Cindy Mom

I had the pleasure today of touring around the Eidangerhalvoya (Eidanger Peninsula) with Niels Andersen, a member of the Porsgrunn Rotary Club. Niels is a geology enthusiast, and pointed out many of the interesting features of the area to me, including 400 million year old chalk cliffs and the fossils along the Porsgrunn Kyststien (Porsgrunn coastal trail).  The unique calcarious soils of the area support a variety of sjeldne and saeregne orkideer (rare and special orchids) that aren’t found anywhere else in Norway.  Of course, it’s too early in the year to see these orchids in bloom, so I’ll just have to come back later in the summer to see them.

I’ve been repeatedly struck by the familiarity of Norway, at least this part of Norway. It seems like a combination of all the places I’ve ever truly loved to live or travel: Scotland, Michigan, Canada, Rockport Massachusetts, Maine.  On our tour today, Niels showed me places that have been influenced by quarrying, ice production, drinking water reservoirs, forestry, farming, shipbuilding, boating, cement production, fishing, and the tourist economy (as in ice cream consumption.)  Add to that the fact that we were on a peninsula all day, and also that there were a couple of suspension bridges within view…  and it just seems like home.

Downtown Brevik with the Breviksbrua in the background

Grenlandsbrua, with Breviksbrua behind... overlooking Brevik and Frierfjorden

The Coastal Trail. I think they use the same trail-marking paint that we do!

Post by Cindy Mom


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  Thomas (Stokke RC) wrote @

Seems like just the kind of day you like, Cindy. The area around Brevik is very nice, so I guess you enjoyed your day a lot.

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