First days in Arendal

Post by Tara Kram 

We left Porsgrunn on Tuesday afternoon after a relaxing morning shopping and drinking coffee in town.  Two of our Arendal hosts picked us up and managed to squeeze all of our large suitcases into their cars.  After meeting our hosts and getting settled in our new homes for the next six days, we attended their Rotary Club meeting in the evening.  I am staying in a beautiful home overlooking the fjord which is owned by Åsta, the pastor at the Arendal Lutheran Church.  

View from Asta's house in Arendal

 Wednesday we toured the town of Arendal and learned about its history.  We then travelled to a nearby island to see the countryside and different views of the fjord.  We managed to come across a burning home and were glad to learn it was a training exercise for the fire department. 

Downtown Arendal

Cindy, Anjanette, Tara, and Krista - view of the ocean

We also visited a small farm where we had soup with ingredients fresh from the farm.  From there we went to a cow farm which is all automated so there is very little manual labor – quite impressive actually! 

Cows lined up waiting for food - that's us in the plastic gowns and shoes

At the end of the afternoon, we went to Asta’s family’s farm for a bbq.  Her brother was the chef and he is the former Mayor of Arendal. 

Asta's brother cooking the hot dogs and hamburgers

In the evening, Cindy and I went kayaking with the Arendal Kayaking club.  We kayaked for about 3 hours with a stop in the middle at a small island where there are only summer homes.  I was exhausted when we returned, but we had a great time.  The night was warm and the sun was beautiful – a perfect day! 

Tara 7 months pregnant and trying to arrange myself in the kayak

Cindy in her glory

Post by Tara Kram



  Erik Gauslaa wrote @

Good to see you installed in my home town, where I was born, raised and spent my school years until the age of 19!

Please say hello from me!

  kristualla wrote @

I’m going to Arendal in July for one night – because I made my historical novels’ family from there. Do you know anyone I could contact to show me around the town?

Kris Tualla

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