You might be a Norwegian tourist if…

Post by Tara Kram

You might be a Norwegian tourist if:

  1. The word “fantastic” is now used at least 3 times a day in your vocabulary
  2. You wake up in the night looking for the top sheet only to discover there isn’t one
  3. You think they keep forgetting the top piece of bread when they give you a sandwich
  4. You go boating for fun when it is 35 degrees
  5. You pay $4 for a 16oz. Coke
  6. You laugh when Norwegians talk about semen (or is that Sea Men?)
  7. You dream about whole grain bread
  8. You are startled when someone inhales and says “ja”
  9. You think Kvikk Lunsj is a souvenir
  10. You wear jeans to the parade on May 17
  11. You’ve been on a Harry Tur
  12. You wake up at 4:00am because the sun is shining in your bedroom

Post by Tara Kram



  Carole Hawkins wrote @


  Thomas wrote @

FANSTASTIC (!), Tara. Had a great laugh reading this one! Hope you alle have a great time!


  krista wrote @

best. post. ever!

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