Climb every mountain… unless, of course, you can stay home and use the sauna instead.

Post by Krista Menacher

While the other girls were off having their mountain adventure, I remained behind at “base camp” and enjoyed a bit of luxury. Our cabin has a few more creature comforts than the DNT cottage my brave GSE teammates are staying in tonight.

love the grass roof!

After seeing the 4 hikers off (in the rain) Diane and I settled back in for a little quiet time. In the early afternoon we were taken for a ride and mini-hike in the next valley, where we were able to see some of the impressive hydroelectric dams help supply Norway with power. A little more reading and relaxing followed. Then on to dinner! Neighboring Rotarians invited us over for an authentic Korean feast. Full and happy we made the long hike back – two whole houses over.

Still more reading and relaxing followed, with a little music peppered in for good measure. Then I heard it calling my name… the sauna… it was time.

Within minutes, any remaining stress I possessed had melted away. The twinge in my shoulder from my long day hauling statues at the Vestfold Folk Museum was finally gone. Best of all, I was reminded of all the saunas back home in the Upper Peninsula where I grew up.

steamy little bit of heaven

I’m sure the other team members will come back tomorrow with wonderful tales of their adventures up on the mountain – but I won’t regret my time spent here at “base camp.”

Post by Krista Menacher


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