Excerpts from Store Torungen

Post by Cindy Mom (reflecting back on last week)

Sunset light on granite islands
Strandnellik blooms purple against red rock.

Three beams of light from Torungen Fyr
three pie-pieces of sky

For breakfast:
Bacon, eggs, toast & poetry with Sondre & Knut.

Fed the sheep.
Cuddled with kittens.
Climbed the lighthouse at sunset.

“Earl-eye up in the morning”
Awoken at 4:00 am by Oystercatchers,
At 5:30 am by the sheep with their bells,
At 7:00 am by geese with their goslings.

On Mærdo, eating sea cabbage,
taking a breath, taking some time.

The view from my window is mostly sea and sky, with a fringe of island rock, sheep, and gulls at the bottom of the frame. The half moon is reflecting in the open window glass.

Up at 5:00, relentless sun, streaks of blonde in my hair.

A quick thrust of the right hand, bending back the head to crush the neck bones.  That’s how I SHOULD have done it, but I was pretty wimpy about it.  “I thought you were a tough guy,” said Knut.
I fed the fish guts to the gulls.

Sondre’s poems: I need to learn Norwegian so I can understand them!

The Arendal Song is stuck in my head. Stuck in my head, stuck in my heart.

My first approach to Store Torungen

Sondre and Knut perform the (very catchy) Arendal Song.

Knut feeds the wild sheeps

Post by Cindy Mom


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