Unforgettable experience

Post by Diane Marshall

Our six member female International G.S.E. team from District 6290 has had a truly exceptional, unforgettable experience in Norway. The Rotarians from District 2290 have been exceptional in extending their generosity to each and every member. Our cultural experiences have been rich—boating in fiords, climbing lighthouses, sampling coveted cloudberries, trekking through mountains, savoring fresh shrimps, devouring brown cheese, sipping aquavit, participating in the National Day celebrations, marveling at the intricate embroidery on bunads, visiting summer homes, attempting reindeer and moose meat, and of course feasting on salmon, cod, herring, mackerel, shrimp, whale and halibut.

Our vocational exposures have confirmed that we encounter similar challenges and successes. Exchanges of methodologies and practices were most appreciated. Our greatest joys came sharing times with our hosts—whether hiking through the forests, investigating an ancient city, or best of all sharing a traditional meal together. These caring Norwegian Rotarians truly opened their hearts and their homes, thereby assuring that each of us would experience the finest of their country. We will always have a spot in our hearts for these marvelous Norwegian families.

As I have mentioned in an earlier text, District 6290 can be extremely proud of its G.S.E. Norway team. Each of these young female professionals was an excellent ambassador for her club, her District, and her country. It has indeed been a sincere pleasure and a great privilege being the team leader of such an excellent, enthusiastic team!

Cindy, Jody, Anjanette, Tara, Diane, Krista

Post by Diane Marshall


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  Thomas wrote @

And having you visiting us, was a great experience for all of us too!

We will always remember you, and think back on these days with loads of good memories.

District 6290 should really be proud of their GSE team. The members you selected to visit us are just fantastic! (isn’t that right, Krista?).

Have a safe trip home!


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