Home sweet home

Post by Tara Kram

After a long day(s) of travelling, we arrived home safe and sound.  We boarded the bus in Lyngdal at 3:45am sharp and were at the airport by 5:30am.  Thanks to the early Norwegian sunrise, it made travelling a bit easier, but the night was definitely short.  Krista, Anjanette, and I boarded our plane first to Amsterdam and Jodi and Diane followed soon thereafter on their flight to Oslo.  Cindy was flying out around 11:00am for her 3 day trip in Bergen.

All was smooth for the US group (Krista, Tara, and Anjanette) until our connection in Chicago.  Krista and I were supposed to leave for Grand Rapids at 4:30pm but learned at 2:30pm that our flight had been cancelled due to mechanical problems.  We were on stand-by for the 6:30pm flight to Grand Rapids, but so were 28 other people so we weren’t able to get on the flight.  Finally, at 9:45pm we boarded a plane for Muskegon and arrived at 11:45pm.  Unfortunately, our luggage did not arrive and today (Sunday) at 7:00pm Michigan time, it is still yet to be found.  😦  Needless to say, after 27 hours of travel and only 2 hours of sleep the night before, we were more than exhausted and likely not speaking coherently anymore.  Home was a welcomed refuge and bed never felt so good. 

Thankfully, our travels for the month in Norway were much smoother than this run-around.  Thank you Rotary Clubs for making it an amazing trip!  We miss you already!

Post by Tara Kram


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  Jan Torbjørn og Inger wrote @

Good to hear you are safe home, but what a problematic journey! What a luck the trip to Norway didn`t start that difficult, it would have spoiled your first days here. Well, as I have learned to know you, I do think you had handled it well, you met all the challenges here with an open mind and a sporty attitude.
We miss you, and have allready started hoping it will be possible to meet you again. Sleep well the next nights, and don`t dear to forget your norwegian friends!!
Have a nice summer all of you:)

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